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The natural colour of the wood is often stunning and beautiful. Unfortunately, it doesn’t often match with the rest of the house. And that’s why you need a timber stain. Apart from changing the colour of the wood, stains also accentuate the grain pattern of the wood.

In saying that, choosing the right timber polish and stain isn’t an easy task. Timber floor stains come in various colours ranging from light stains to black, brown, red and everything in between. No wonder homeowners are intimidated when choosing one for their home.

Luckily, our experts at Stanton Flooring can help you choose the right stain and polish for your floors.

Light Stains

Light hardwood stains are popular among homeowners due to their contemporary look. They pretty much match any wall colour and furniture style, especially dark furnishings. Due to their airy look, light stains are ideal for rooms with little to no light. Small spaces also benefit from light stains, giving the room a spacious look.

Light stains are also popular among pet owners as they hide pet hairs better. Darker stains are known to reveal the scratches and pet hairs from shedding pets. On the downside, light colours can get dirty easier and hence not ideal if you have pets or children. Some popular light stains include light oak, birch and maple.

Dark Stains

Dark stains impart a more chic and elegant look. They add a touch of formality, a sophisticated and stylish appearance from modern to traditional to any space. In addition, dark hardwood stains warm up big or open spaces, making them feel cosy and hospitable.

Some popular hardwood stains include ebony, dark walnut and jacobean. These colours go well with a wide variety of colour palettes, especially light colour walls and furnishings. On the downside, they are not ideal if you have pets.

Red Hardwood Stains

Red stains are famous for being dramatic and vibrant. They are ideal for adding character and a pop of colour to your home. Despite being a warm and eye-catching colour, red hardwood flooring is best when paired with muted tones. They can be overwhelming when paired with colourful decor.

Neutral shades work best with red hardwood flooring. Some popular red tones stains include mahogany, cherry, and rosewood.

Mid-Toned Stains

If you have rustic farmhouse-style interiors, the mid-toned stain is your way to go. Among all the stains listed, mid-toned shades impart a classic look and feel. They also work well in traditional homes in Sydney, both colour and style-wise.

The best part about a mid-toned shade is that they easily hide the blemishes and scratches on older wooden floors. They also impart a warm and cozy feeling, like a dark stain. With mid-tones, you also have the option of adopting different tones, either lighter or darker, based on your preference.

Grey Stains

Generally, grey stains like limewash are prevalent in farmhouse designs. But in recent times, they have made an appearance in contemporary styles as well. Unlike the other stains, grey stains create a weathered look, popular among modern and trendy design styles. Some popular grey stains include whitewash, oak, and driftwood.

Speak to a Professional

A wood stain can change the look of your home considerably. However, correcting the stains would be difficult since the stains soak into the wood permanently. So it should be planned with the help of a professional experienced in timber staining and polishing. Our experts at Stanton can guide you in choosing the right stain and polish for your hardwood floor. With our help, your hardwood floors can gain a new lease of life.