Timber Decking Sanding & Polishing Sydney

Timber Decking Sanding & Polishing Sydney

 At Stanton Flooring, we have 30-plus years of experience performing timber deck sanding and polishing services across Sydney. We take pride in our expertise and experience in timber deck sanding services.

With our timber deck sanding and restoration services, you can get your outdoor decks to look new again in no time.

Rejuvenate Your Timber Decking With The Best Deck Sanding Team In Sydney

Nothing offers the aesthetic qualities and looks a timber decking offers to outdoor spaces. With exposure to the harsh climatic conditions in Sydney, even the best outdoor timber decks can become worn, discoloured, and damaged, making them unsightly and dull to spend time outdoors.

Stanton Flooring can help to bring your outdoor decking back to life with our timber decking sanding and polishing services in Sydney. We sand, repair, stain and seal worn-out timber decking with new finishes and make them breathtakingly beautiful.

Decking Sanding & Repairs

Is your timber decking damaged from years of weather exposure and wear and tear? Timber deck sanding and restoration can breathe new life into your timber decking, and we are here to take care of it. We offer a premium range of deck sanding and polishing services for all types of timber decks in Sydney.

With a professional deck sanding and rejuvenation service from Stanton Flooring, you will create an outdoor space you will love enjoying with your family and friends.

For damaged and dull-looking timber decking, our team can perform floor sanding techniques that remove the old peeled and faded finishes to smooth out the surface and restore the deck’s wood to a smooth finish. We can also repair any sort of damage in your timber decking and replace broken or decayed timber as required to get it back to looking new and flawless again. We will improve the overall look of your outdoor space at a competitive rate.

Contact our team for information on what you can achieve in your outdoor area. Refresh that timber decking and increase the value of your home with timber deck sanding and polishing from Stanton Flooring.

Timber Decking Sanding & Polishing Sydney
Timber Decking Sanding & Polishing Sydney
Timber Decking Sanding & Polishing Sydney
Timber Decking Sanding & Polishing Sydney

Decking Stains & Colours

Make your outdoor spaces look great again with timber deck sanding and staining services from Stanton Flooring.  Choose from a range of colours for your deck. At Stanton Flooring, we offer a wide range of stains and colours to choose from for polishing your timber decking, so you can select the right colour for the décor and style you are looking to achieve.

If you can’t choose the perfect finish and stain, our highly skilled tradesmen can help you select the right decking finish that suits your decor and personal style. You will be amazed at the difference our team of professionals can make for your outdoor timber decking.

We also have a range of timber deck polishes and oil finishes that will have the level of gloss or matte you’re looking for your outdoor area. Whether you are looking to refurbish or need help with sealing and fishing your new timber decks with highly durable finishes, our professional timber deck sanding team can help.

Need professional timber deck sanding and polishing at affordable prices in Sydney? Call on 02 9962 9092 or 0425333203 or fill out the Contact Form here, and we’ll arrange a quote!