Beautiful Cork Floors For Your Home

Stanton Flooring is a leading supplier and installer of quality cork flooring in the greater Sydney area. We are passionate about flooring, and will work with you to find the flooring solution that is right for your home.

Stanton tradesmen take pride in doing the job right and are there to advise you on the best solution for your home. We are certainly the experts, with over 30 years experience supplying and installing cork floor tiles in the Sydney region. Our cork flooring comes in a range of designs, from the traditional to our more modern Café Collection Range.
The styles available in this elegant range include Latte, Flat White, Espresso and Cappuccino.

What is cork flooring?

Cork flooring is made from the outer bark of Cork Oak trees. The bark from these trees is first harvested when the tree is 25 years old, then it is re-harvested every nine years as the bark re-generates. This process has been found to actually be good for the tree’s physiology, and as the tree continues to regenerate for its life span (around 200 years), making it an eco-friendly choice for your floor.

Why choose cork floors?

Cork flooring has a range of benefits over other floor types. They are warm in winter, sound proof, and extremely easy to clean and maintain. Our cork is sourced from sustainable Portuguese oak trees, so it is also environmentally friendly.

Installation of cork flooring

Cork floors can be installed in many different ways. They can be installed directly over concrete and timber masonite, and even over tiles after applying a levelling compound. Stanton Flooring is a proud supplier and installer of the Readycork Uniclic system, which is a floating cork floor that can be installed quickly and easily over any levelled surface. We have a large range of styles and colours available including Ivory Gem, Harmony Crème, Copenhagen and Apollo. So whatever your needs, we have the right cork flooring solution for you: contact us for a free, no obligation quote!

Need to refresh your current cork flooring? We can repair and recoat your worn and tired old cork floor to get it looking good as new in no time!

Call us on (02) 9962 9092 to discuss the right cork flooring option for you!

The Cork Floor Tile Range

Flat White Marble

Marble look in the comfort of traditional cork tiles. Great for a modem look.


Copenhagen is a truly unique cork tile, which adds chic Scandinavian style to your home. A great option for the adventurous and fashion forward client

White Wash Harmony

Wash crème cork tile great for any part of the house.


The most traditional of our cork flooring options, is for people who want simple plain look.


This homage to the ‘nous cork’ style has a darker, heavier granule reminiscent of a beautiful autumn’s day, adding charm to the atmosphere to your home

Harmony Country Cork

Modern and contemporary in design, the Harmony Country Cork looks great and brightens the mood of any room.