Flooring Services in Western Sydney

Wooden floor sanding and polishing Sydney

If you are looking for timber flooring services in Western Sydney, Stanton Flooring has over 30 years of experience and offers the best flooring and sanding services around Western Sydney. Our highly skilled tradesmen are experts in flooring installation, polishing and repair services.

Flooring Installation and Polishing Western Sydney

Your flooring should match and complement the beauty of your home or workplace, so installing them with professional help makes all the difference. Whether you choose timber, cork, parquetry, or engineered flooring, we help you select from a wide array of flooring patterns, design, styles, and colours from our flooring collection. Likewise, you can also customise and order timbers with Stanton Flooring in Western Sydney.

Timber Floor Sanding & Polishing

Are you tired of the look of your old wood flooring? You can absolutely change them without installing new floors. With colour stains and washes, give your flooring a makeover. All our products are safe, and we don’t compromise on quality either.

Our highly skilled tradesmen give careful attention to every detail of your flooring. Be it a scratch or pet stain, we can repair, sand, and polish your timber flooring without any fuss. We also help you select the best polish and stains that complement your interior decor.

Timber Floor Installation

Timber floors are the number one choice of flooring for many homeowners owing to their elegance and advantages over other floors. But making these floors outstanding for longer lies in hiring the best flooring professionals. In the first place, there is no match for the quality and price we offer you for timber floor installation. In short, be it our service, products, or equipment, we only use the best available in the market.

Cork Flooring Installation & Repairs

Cork flooring are safe, sustainable and attractive. You can’t find any other flooring that’s as comfortable as cork floors. They offer a never-ending range of shades and patterns that comes in different colours and textures. You can also refinish cork floorings in no time, making them brand new again. Are you planning to install cork floors in your new home in Western Sydney? Contact our team at Stanton Flooring for a free quote.

Parquetry Flooring

Parquetry floors are a dashing piece of art that increases the value of your home. These easy to maintain floors can also be sanded and polished as many times as you want. Now you can be a designer of your own parquetry floor. Stanton Flooring allows you to design and customise your parquetry flooring with unlimited patterns and colours.

Engineered Flooring

If you want to go wild with patterns, texture, and finishes, engineered flooring is all you need. These floors resemble natural wooden floors in every manner except the multitudes of choices it offers. Highly durable and resistant to scratches and other factors like sunlight and temperature. Laminate floors are the best examples of floating floors that you can install in no time.

To make your flooring installation experience easy and hassle free with a professional finish, contact our Stanton Flooring team today. You can also get free quotes for any of your floorings, deckings or polishing services in Western Sydney.