Solid Timber Flooring Sydney

Stanton Flooring has been supplying and installing solid timber floors in Sydney for decades. Our service is friendly, dependable, and encompasses everything you need to install and maintain a timber floor: from inception of your ideas to care and maintenance of the final product.

Why choose us?

With over 30 years of experience installing and maintaining solid timber flooring in Sydney, Stanton Flooring provides a premium service at an affordable price.
Our professional tradesmen are experienced and knowledgeable, and are there to help you with everything from choosing the right timber and style to suit your home, to caring for and maintaining your floor once installed. We offer an extensive range of different wood styles, washes and polish finishes for you to choose from, and are fully licensed and insured (no.51666C). We never hire sub-contractors to do our work, and this way, we can be assured we are providing a quality service to you.

The benefits of a timber floor

There are many advantages to laying a solid timber floor in your home. Not only does a timber floor make the room look bigger, add charm to the space, and is easy to clean and maintain, but it also instantly adds thousands of dollars in value to your home. Timber floors are a great option for those with breathing allergies, as they don’t trap dust, animal hair and mould like carpets do. Furthermore, they last far longer than carpeted floor, and maintenance is much more economical: it costs much less to recoat timber than it does to replace worn carpet.

Our styles and grades of timber

There are two types of solid strip floors available: traditional 19mm tongue and groove, which can be nailed to joists, bearers and battens over concrete; or solid overlay flooring, which can be laid over existing floor surfaces, including timber.

Our grades of timber flooring can be grouped into three main categories: select grade, standard grade and character grade. Each of these has a different effect on the colour of your floor, and each has certain style advantages.

Select Grade

Select grade contains very few natural marks or scratches. The effect of this grade is a sleek and unblemished look for your floor.

Standard Grade

Standard grade has slightly more character than select grade, showcasing the natural features of the timber and creating diversity across the floor.

Character Grade

Character grade features all the knots, gum veins, branch, and insect markings, showcasing the rustic appeal of the timber. It has the most diverse character of the three grades, and is also the most affordable.

different styles and timber alternatives

Timber comes in different sizes form 80 – 220 mm cover and much wider timber can be specially ordered to


Blue Gum

Brush Box

Spotted Gum

Mixed Hardwood

Brush Box

Rose Gum

Gray Ironbark