The Fast Lane to Fabulous Floors: Engineered Flooring Unveiled

Today, let us unveil the wonders of engineered flooring and why it’s the ultimate choice for those seeking elegance, efficiency, and ease in their flooring solutions. As experts in the flooring industry, we’ve seen firsthand the transformation engineered flooring brings to homes and businesses....

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Comparing Engineered Flooring to Solid Timber Flooring

When transforming your home with beautiful, durable flooring, Solid timber and engineered flooring often stand out. Each has its own set of unique characteristics and advantages. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at these two popular choices to help you make an...

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The Most Popular Trends in Wooden Flooring in Sydney and Australia

Are you considering a flooring makeover for your Sydney home or business? Wooden flooring is a timeless choice that can elevate the look and feel of any space. With its warmth, versatility, and durability, it’s no wonder wooden flooring remains a top pick among...

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Timber Flooring: How To Choose The Right One For Your Home

Regarding flooring, timber is more timeless and versatile. Timber flooring has an enduring appeal that can elevate the aesthetics of any space while offering durability and practicality. However, choosing the right timber flooring for your home can be a nuanced decision. In this guide,...

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How To Tell If Your Timber Floors Need Refinishing

Timber floors not only add warmth and beauty but also withstand daily wear and tear to a large extent. However, over time, they may lose their original lustre. They may require refinishing to restore and protect their natural beauty from further damage. This article...

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Why Choose Timber Floors For Kitchens

Hardwood floors make the most beautiful and comfortable flooring for kitchens. The kitchen is one of the high-traffic areas prone to moisture, stains, and humidity changes, so homeowners hesitate a bit about installing timber floors in the kitchen. But you know what? Timber flooring...

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timber floor repairs sydney

Can You Repair Solid Timber Floors?

Yes, Yes and Yes! You can repair solid timber floors. Timber floor damages like scratches, dents, gouges, gaps, cupping, stains, cracks, and moisture damage can all be repaired and restored to their original condition with a professional floor sanding and polishing service. It’s no...

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Timber flooring repairs and stains

How To Restore & Repair Timber Floors

Though timber floors are beautiful and durable, with time, they can start looking less impressive with daily wear, water stains, sun damage and other factors. However, a professional timber floor restoration helps them get back their original look and maintain their freshness for years....

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timber flooring installation sydney

What Causes The Most Wear & Tear To Timber Floors?

With a little care, timber floors can stay looking great for years to come. If you tackle the things that cause the most wear and tear to your timber floors, you can keep them protected and looking good for many years. So, let’s get...

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How To Maintain Your Timber Flooring After Polishing

Maintaining timber floors after polishing is definitely not a trying task if you follow some measures. Here are some tips from our experts to help keep your wooden floors shinny and healthy after floor sanding and polishing. 1. Sweep Before Mopping Always sweep or...

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Limewash floors Sydney

Which Is Best: Limewash/Whitewash Floors Versus Black/Dark Stains?

The best thing about having timber floors installed in your home is you can always change their look by staining. However, it becomes hazy when choosing the right colour, especially between light limewash/whitewash stains and black/dark stains. That’s why we are here to help...

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Dark and natural timber stains

How to Choose Between Dark & Natural Timber Stains

Wooden floors are beautiful, hardwearing, and versatile. That’s why many homeowners love installing timber floors for their new homes or while renovating old floorings. However, choosing timber floors is an overwhelming task, especially choosing between dark and natural timber floors. Both dark and natural...

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solid timber flooring sydney

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Solid Timber Flooring

Choosing and installing the right solid timber flooring is sure an overwhelming task. To help you begin, here are the answers to some of the questions that we get asked frequently by homeowners in Sydney. 1. Can I use wooden flooring in the kitchen...

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Flooring services Sydney

Choosing Flooring For Rental Properties

Choosing the right flooring for rental properties is equally important as choosing one for your own home. Regardless of the type of tenants you prefer, your flooring must be strong and durable. It must be the type of floor that’s easy to maintain and...

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Flooring supply and installation in Sydney

The Four Main Types Of Flooring

Timber flooring is versatile. The most beautiful floors that team up with almost all kinds of home and office interiors and styles. Moreover, they are a lifetime investment. Yes, easy floor repairs with floor sanding and polishing techniques keep them young and fresh for...

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Preparing Your Room For Floor Sanding & Polishing

Professional floorboard sanding and polishing is an elaborate process. It also needs some preparation from your side. Whether you are building or renovating your flooring, preparing your floors beforehand saves you time and additional costs. It also helps floor sanding professionals to finish the...

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Timber floor stains and polishing Sydney

Should You Stain Timber Floors or Go For a Natural Look?

One of the crucial questions that arise after installing hardwood floors is whether to stain or not. Trust us; it is not an easy decision to make. The natural look of timber brings about a beautiful, charming, and rustic look, but staining has its...

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Timber floor polishing and sanding Sydney

A Guide To Maintaining Your Timber Floorboards

Timber flooring is one of the more popular floorings, famous across all ages. High-quality timber flooring is durable and tougher than other types of flooring, not to mention aesthetically pleasing. Every season brings a new issue to the upkeep of hardwood floors. For example,...

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dark hardwood floors

Everything You Need To Know About Dark Hardwood Floors – Stains, Colours, Cost

It’s no wonder that dark hardwood floors are the epitome of modern beauty. They make a big difference to the aesthetic experience, and that’s why many homeowners still prefer dark hardwood floors over other options. If you love dark timber floors and plan to...

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hardwood floors sydney

What Is The Best Hardwood Flooring Colour?

Choosing a timber floor colour is the most challenging task of hardwood flooring. It’s because timber floors offer a myriad of choices. So, when you can’t select between different timber floor colours, begin by figuring out whether you like dark or light hardwood flooring...

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hardwood floors

How To Get a New Look for Your Hardwood Floors

Wooden floors, on regular use over a long period of time, can look dull and worn out. Though they age gracefully, timber floors can never escape wear and tear. The scratches, dents and gouges also dull the beautiful appearance of wooden floors. Timber floors...

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timber floor sanding and polishing sydney

Why Choose Anti-Slip Floors For Commercial Buildings

Practicality and workplace safety are the two important factors to consider when choosing floors for commercial and industrial buildings. To be specific, anti-slip floors are an essential aspect of commercial interiors. That’s why we recommend choosing timber floors with anti-slip coating for commercial buildings....

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Sanding & Floor Repairs Sydney

Sanding & Polishing Newly Laid Timber Flooring

More and more homeowners are turning to timber flooring for their glamorous looks and long life. Undoubtedly, timber floors are a worthy investment for any property. However, when you decide to lay new timber flooring, you may be quite unfamiliar with the process of...

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Flooring supply and installation in Sydney

FAQs On Timber & Floating Flooring Installation

You may know something about timber flooring, but you may still be looking for answers to all those lingering questions you have. We have compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) from our customers from everything about timber floor...

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Sport Court Polishing & sanding Sydney

The Benefits of Polishing Timber Basketball Courts

Basketball courts and gymnasiums should have wooden floorings to ensure the convenience of the athletes. The indoor basketball courts are mostly a part of gymnasiums with proper borders and nets. Therefore, it becomes a need to constantly provide timber flooring for indoor courts. If...

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cork flooring Sydney

Why Choose Cork Flooring?

Stanton Flooring specialises in timber, cork, parquetry, and engineered flooring. We also rejuvenate, sand and polish timber floors across Sydney, giving them a great new look. Cork flooring is now becoming ever popular in Sydney homes. This versatile green flooring products not only looks...

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