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engineered timber flooring prices sydney

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engineered timber flooring prices sydney

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engineered timber flooring prices sydney

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engineered timber flooring prices sydney

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Floating & Engineered Flooring Sydney

Need a new floor quickly? You might be interested in engineered floorboards. One of our most popular options, a floating floor is a type of flooring that doesn’t need to be fastened to the subfloor. It is a cheaper alternative to conventional solid timber and parquetry floors, as it can be glued to the existing surface below it.

Floating floors are pre-finished and ready to be installed over your existing floor surface. It provides the aesthetic of a solid timber floor, without the full cost of installing one, and is a quick and economical way of adding charm, warmth, and depth to your home.

engineered timber flooring prices sydney

How Does Engineered Flooring Work?

The main advantage of a floating or engineered floor over other conventional wooden flooring solutions is the shortened time required to install it. In fact, the installation of a floating or engineered floor can take as little as a day, depending on the size of the floor or space.

This is possible because a floating floor is simply that: a floor that floats upon the existing surface underneath. They are pre-finished and don’t require sanding, polishing, or acclimation. The method is simple: first, we layer industrial-grade plastic onto the existing surface of your floor. Then comes a layer of soflon underlay, which sound proofs your floor and softens the sound of footsteps. Finally, we then lay the pre-finished timber on top to create the final product.

The advantages of floating or engineered floors over parquetry or solid timber flooring are:

  • No delay
  • No need to climatise
  • No sanding or polishing necessary
  • Economical sound proofing

Laminate Floors Sydney

In the market for something even quicker and more affordable? A laminate floor might be the solution for you! Laminate floors are a multi-layer synthetic flooring solution, which mimics the appearance of wood. The advantage of this type of flooring is that it is even easier and cheaper to lay down or tear up if and when you need to.

It has grown significantly in popularity in the past few years, and Stanton Flooring offers laminate flooring alongside our authentic timber flooring options. Whilst this type of flooring is not as durable as our other timber floor solutions, it can sometimes be advantageous as it can be easily removed and replaced as design trends change.

Our Engineered Flooring Services

Our floating or engineered floors come in a range of pre-finished local and imported timbers. If you are looking to quickly add value or charm to your house, a floating floor might be your best option. Stanton Flooring has over 30 years of quality experience installing floating and engineered floors in the Sydney area, and uses the highest quality timber, sourced from our long standing supply network.

If you think a floating, engineered or laminate floor might be the option for you, contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.