timber flooring finishes and polish

One of the best attributes of having timber floors is the ability to achieve a look that you like, be it modern, rustic, or classic. And it starts with choosing the right timber flooring finishes and stains as they are the significant elements in achieving the final look of your timber floors. Here are some timber floor finishing options that can help you sort out your favourite.


These are the most natural and bespoke flooring options where wooden planks remain in their natural colour and texture. To be precise, an unfinished floor is a raw wooden floor. It only goes through a floor sanding process at the factory and comes with no stains or protective finishes. Sanding can also be done while installing for a smooth finish.

Unfinished floors age naturally and acquire a warm patina. Though they look beautiful, exhibiting all their natural characteristics at best, they are much more prone to damage from wear and tear and water without any protective top coating or sealants.

Oiled Finish

Oiled finishes are transparent finishes that make the most beautiful timber floor finish. When applied, oiled finishes soak deep through the timber floors and enhance their natural characteristics while sealing and adding protection to the top layer. They give timber floors a rustic appeal and sheen. Moreover, oiled finishes give greater flexibility to spot clean and repair damages.

However, many homeowners do not prefer oiled finishes as they need high maintenance and periodic touch-ups. Some oil finishes also turn the flooring yellow over time.

Satin Lacquer

Satin lacquer is a neutral-looking finish that leaves a gentle sheen on the floor without making it too glossy. The finish goes well with both solid hardwood and engineered floors. It gently reflects light, giving timber floors a classic look. So, it is a perfect finish if the rooms in your house don’t get enough natural light.

These finishes are also highly durable and require less maintenance. A satin lacquered timber floor is much easier to clean and maintain than other finishes.

Matte Finish

Matte is a finish for modern homeowners. Matte-finishes give an organic look to timber floorings, highlighting the natural beauty of the raw timber floors. The matte-finished floors look natural with a slight sheen, a lustre that is typically 25% or lesser. It almost resembles an oil-finished floor but with the least sheen. Matte-finished timber floors are also highly durable and easy to maintain. It is one of the perfect choices if you own pets and for high-traffic areas, as it does not show scratches and other damages.

Distressed Finish

Distressed finish, as the name suggests, gives timber floors a weathered and distressed appearance. A distressed finish to new timber floors is acquired with the help of machines, sanding, or hand scraping techniques. If you are into the rustic and aged look of the mesmerising antique timber floorings, go ahead for the distressed timber floor finish. You can finish the floor by floor staining with a stain of your choice.

A distressed floor finish is also among the easy-to-maintain floors, as any damage like scratches only adds to the floor’s aesthetics. So, it makes another choice for homeowners with pets.

Brushed Finish

A brushed finish is yet another timber floor finish that gives a traditional and rich textured finish to timber floors. In brushing, the floor sanding and polishing professionals use a rotary steel wire brush to remove the softer summerwood growth rings to reveal the rich texture of the grains underneath.

You can have them brushed lightly (subtle texture) or heavily (dramatic), depending on your preference. Brushed finishes also make your flooring durable.


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