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With a little care, timber floors can stay looking great for years to come. If you tackle the things that cause the most wear and tear to your timber floors, you can keep them protected and looking good for many years. So, let’s get started.

Your Heels and Shoes

Heels and shoes cause a lot of wear and tear on timber floors. Shoe soles carry small sand and dirt that scratches the flooring and worsens over time, damaging the hardwood underneath the sealant. And heels, especially the pointier ones, bring twice as much damage by making scratches and dents.

Leaving your shoes and heels at the door or rubbing your shoes at least three or four times on the door mat can prevent these damages. Leaving a pair of soft slippers by the door to wear inside your house also helps. Alternatively, you can also use high-quality rugs in high-traffic areas to protect your timber flooring.


Pets are cute but not their nails, scratching and damaging your beautiful timber floors. Sometimes, they can also leave dents. Make sure to clip their nails regularly to protect flooring from pet scratches. Also, take care of pet stains. Pet stains can penetrate the wood and cause discolouration. So, make sure to clean pet stains immediately.


Though wooden floors are strong and durable, frequently dragging your furniture can cause a lot of wear and tear. Most importantly, furniture without leg pads can leave scratches and gouges every time somebody sits. Keep in mind to check if your furniture leg pads are in good condition and replace them immediately if they aren’t. Also, do not drag your furniture; instead, lift them off the floor and move it to the desired location. If the furniture is too heavy to move, place a thick blanket underneath before moving.

Bad Cleaning Products

Using wrong cleaning products is another reason that makes timber floors look lifeless and worn out. Using acidic cleaning products, wax-based and even vinegar can damage wooden floors. Also, using too much of a product can damage them too. Always use cleaning products that are recommended by your floor sanding and polishing professionals in recommended quantities to maintain their look.

Wrong Equipment

Timber floors are durable, but unknowingly you are scuffing the protective sealants with the wrong cleaning equipment, ultimately damaging wooden floors. Cleaning equipment like scrubbers and hard-head vacuum cleaners scratches timber floors. A steam mop is also not a good choice for cleaning timber floors as they can give a cloudy or white finish. Use only soft bristled brooms and microfibre mops to clean. When mopping, wring out thoroughly to get rid of excess water as water can get through the cracks and gaps and damage your floorings.

Spilled Liquid

Water is the biggest enemy of timber floors as it warps the wood. Wooden floors also rot with excess moisture. Keeping your flooring dry is the best way to prevent damage caused by water. Similarly, any liquid can have the same effect in addition to leaving stains. Stains, when left without cleaning for some time, can become permanent. So, take care of liquid spills.


Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight has different effects on different wooden floors. They can cause wooden floors to bleach, darken or fade, all depending on the wooden type. Direct sunlight can also cause cupping, meaning the edges become higher than the middle. Keep track of how much direct sunlight your timber flooring receives and go for good-quality blinds or curtains. You can also use rugs if sunlight is hitting just a small portion.

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