Timber deck staining and repairs

Decks serve many purposes, from outdoor dining to entertainment to relaxation, as long as they are in perfect condition. Unfortunately, cracked, and creaky boards, rotted wood and rusty nails clearly show that your deck needs some TLC.

While you may be tempted to try some minor repairs, it is safer to avail yourself of flooring experts like Stanton Flooring. Experts know how to make your deck safe and secure for your family.

With its 30+ years of service, Stanton Flooring can repair your timber deck and give it a new lease on life. Your decking is safe with us! We will ensure that it is well cared for and complete customer satisfaction.

When Should You Repair a Wood Deck?

Replacing a wood deck is a complicated, expensive affair. On the other hand, individual repairs can also put a hole in your pocket. In saying that, homeowners should repair the deck regularly. So, when should you repair your wood deck?

Ideally, your wood deck should be repaired only if the underlying structure remains intact. Consider the below factors when determining when to repair your deck.

  • Wood Rot: Unless the rot has spread throughout your deck, you can treat and replace individual pieces. The same goes for your support beams and posts.
  • Loose Floorboards: Loose floorboards can cause your deck to move as you walk. Replace a few joists to restore their tight fit.
  • Shaky Railings: Tighten the screws and replace the nails to fix wobbly railings. However, if there’s any damage to the foundation, you’ll have to remodel the deck.
  • Rusted Nails: Corrosion due to rusted nails can weaken the structure. While there’s no need to change the entire deck, you’ll have to replace the nails and hardware.
  • Cracked Deck Boards: Floorboards are prone to cracks due to temperature changes. Replace cracked boards as and when you find them. However, if most panels are cracked, you may have to replace them.

If you are unsure about replacing or repairing wood decks, contact the experts at Stanton Flooring, Sydney. Stanton Flooring specialises in timber floor sanding and polishing, especially in deck sanding in Sydney.

What is the Life Expectancy of a Wood Deck?

The life expectancy of an untreated wood deck can be between 10-30 years. A treated wood deck, on the other hand, has a lifespan of 50 years or more. In addition, a deck made of composite materials has a warranty of 20 years and often even a lifetime guarantee.

That being said, life expectancy depends on the following factors including:

  • Timber quality
  • Location (Sun/shade)
  • Coating
  • Distance from ground
  • Maintenance

Why Should You Choose a Professional?

In short, when you hire the services of a professional, you can be assured of a quality deck. A professional use proper tools and materials to ensure a long life. Inappropriate materials can cause further damage to your deck, and you may have to replace it.

Wood decks are an investment that can last for years if maintained regularly. They need special care to withstand the elements. A professional knows all the materials and products required to repair your deck. Moreover, they will also have the experience to perform the necessary repairs.

Hiring an expert will also save you time and money since they complete the task thoroughly and quicker than you’ll ever do.

Breathe life into your deck with sanding and polishing services from Stanton Flooring. Contact our flooring experts, who are specialists in repairing damaged and worn timber decks. No matter the material, Stanton Flooring experts have the skill and experience to perform the repair. They also deliver outstanding results and ensure your deck is as good as new.