Timber flooring repairs and stains

Though timber floors are beautiful and durable, with time, they can start looking less impressive with daily wear, water stains, sun damage and other factors. However, a professional timber floor restoration helps them get back their original look and maintain their freshness for years.

There are many ways to restore timber floors. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Get Rid of Damages

Damages from everyday wear and tear, especially those unsightly scratches, stains, dents, and dints, can give timber floors a dull and faded look over time. Getting rid of those damages can restore the original look of timber floors. The best and most effective way to remove those damages is by sanding.

Timber floor sanding helps remove the top surfaces of the wooden floor and reveals the fresh wood underneath. Spot-sanding can also be done if you have minimal scratches only on specific areas of your house, probably the high-traffic areas, such as hallways and the kitchen. Note that when your floors have minimum scratches, it’s no wonder it can be tempting to finish the job yourself. However, spot-sanding and spot-recoating need the expertise of a professional timber floor restoration service, precisely a floor sanding and polishing company.

Only a professional floor sanding and polishing company can spot sand or sand without damaging the timber floors and finish with the right finish. So, contact a floor sanding and polishing service to restore your timber floors.

2. Repair Worn-Out Timber Floors

Worn-out timber floors are typically aged or sun-damaged floors. Though timber floor finishes are durable, they wear off eventually and start looking dull, faded, and worn out. A professional floor sanding and polishing service can help restore such worn-out floors. Sanding removes the worn-out areas. After sanding, applying a high-quality finish will help bring back the original look of your worn-out timber floors.

A professional flooring service can also help with other timber floor repairs and damages like timber floor cracking from nails, wide gaps, cupping, crowing, and buckling. They can help you replace a moisture-damaged or broken wooden plank with a new one that matches the rest of your flooring.

3. Reinforce With New Floor Finishes

Another way to make a dull-looking timber floor look fresh and beautiful is by investing in new floor finishes. When it comes to timber floor finishes, you will always be left spoilt for choices. There are many timber floor finishes, ranging from satin, matte, and gloss to oiled and distressed finishes, that can enhance the look of your timber floors. Also, protect them from damage.

Each of the timber floor finishes comes with its unique charm and benefits. Whether you want a modern or classic look, there is always a perfect finish to match your style and preference. For instance, a matte finish can make your timber floors look modern yet natural with a very subtle sheen.

4. Add Floor Stains

Adding a new stain after timber floor repairs is yet another brilliant way of making your timber floors look brand new. If you love the previous stain on your floorings, you can always go for the same stain. However, if you want to give your timber floors a makeover, go for a new stain. From light stains to dark stains, including dark browns and blacks, you have multiple colour options in timber floor stains. Limewashing is also a great way to give your timber floors a beautiful and unparalleled allure.


Most wooden flooring damages can be repaired and restored. If you are dealing with damaged wooden floors, contact our team for professional timber floor restoration and timber floor repairs in Sydney.