Maintaining timber floors after polishing is definitely not a trying task if you follow some measures. Here are some tips from our experts to help keep your wooden floors shinny and healthy after floor sanding and polishing.

1. Sweep Before Mopping

Always sweep or vacuum the timber floors before mopping. Firstly, mopping without getting rid of the dust, sand, and dirt, you are just mudding the floors. Secondly, as you keep mopping, you are scratching and scratching your precious timber floors with the mud and debris stuck on the mop. And this, in turn, removes the coatings, removes the shine, lets moisture in and ultimately damages timber floors. So, never mop your timber floors without sweeping.

2. Use Recommended Cleaning Products

Take caution with the floor cleaning products you use, as some may be harsh to the coatings and can permanently damage your timber floors. Make sure to check the label and do not use them if they are acidic cleaners. Perhaps, the best thing to do is use products recommended by your floor sanding professionals to maintain the shine of your timber floors. You should also use only the right amount of product required to clean the floors. Too much of a product means more chemical build-up, meaning you need to rinse more until no chemical residue is left behind.

3. Use Safe Cleaning Equipment

Yet another thing to check is the floor cleaning equipment; never use scrubbers or hard-head vacuum cleaners. Use soft bristled brooms to remove dirt and dust from the floors. Also, use only microfibre mops and make sure to wring the water out, keeping the mop merely damp to avoid moisture damage.

4. Keep Your Floors Dry

When it comes to maintaining the polish and shine of wooden floors, keeping them free from water is critical. Water is a big enemy of wooden floors. Excessive and frequent water spills eventually break down the sealant and cause timber floors to swell, stain and rot. So, avoid over-wetting timber floors and clean water spills immediately.

5. Keep Your Floors Scratch-Proof

One of the best ways to maintain your timber floors and keep them clean and scratch-proof is by using mats and rugs. Use door mats and rugs in high-traffic areas such as hallways, kitchen and living room to reduce wear and tear from dirt, gravel and debris getting crushed and dragged from shoes. In fact, it is best to leave your shoes outside at the door to prevent damage caused by shoes.

6. Keep Away From Direct Sunlight

It’s beautiful to watch sunlight gleaming through wooden floors, but sunlight isn’t great for wooden floors. Yes, sunlight can damage wooden floors and make them look dull. Depending upon the type of wooden species, wooden floors exposed to sunlight tend to fade, bleach, or darken over time.

To prevent damage from sunlight, keep your curtains, blinds and shades closed during the daytime. You can also invest in window films to protect timber floors from UV rays. If sunlight fills out the entire room, try rearranging your furniture or rugs. By rearranging, you will distribute the sunlight evenly, so there are no visible colour contrasts.

7. Clear Wax Build-Up

Wax build-up is another reason why timber floors look dull and tired. Certain cleaning products contain wax which gives the floor a sparkling shine. However, with time, the wax starts to build up, making the flooring look lifeless and dull. Not to mention they also create a sticky dark film that attracts dirt. Use wax-free cleaning products.

Have trouble with your floors? When it’s time for professional cleaning or maintenance, call our expert team of floor sanding and polishing professionals at Stanton Flooring. Professional floor sanding and polishing services from our expert team will keep your floors shinny and looking their best for years!