Solid Timber Flooring Prices Sydney

Solid timber floors continue to remain the number one choice for many homeowners because of their elegance. No other flooring can match the beauty and warmth of timber floors. They are also incredibly popular for their ability to light up any kind of dull looking home or space. Besides being classically beautiful there are many other benefits to installing timber floors for your home or workplace. Keep reading to find out why you should choose solid timber flooring and its advantages.

A Vast Collection

The primary reason to choose timber flooring is because of its numerous collections. There are many different species and types of timber floors. More specifically, the Australian timber flooring offers tons of species with unique characters and appearance, ranging from jarrah, spotted gum, red ironbark to Tasmanian oak. Each species has its own natural pattern, texture, grains, and colour. There are different grades of timber floors, making it easier for you to choose one according to your preference and budget. Additionally, you can also change the look or design of any timber flooring by selecting appropriate stains and finishes to get the desired look.

Durable and Sustainable

One of the main characteristics of the solid timber flooring is its durability. Timber floors offer excellent strength to everyday wear and tear. Even though severe scratches and dents start showing over time, they can be easily fixed by floor sanding and polishing. And speaking of sustainability, many Australian timber floors are procured from carefully maintained Australian forests. The emission of carbon during their production is much lesser than the other floorings, making them a sustainable flooring option.

A Lifetime Investment

Solid timber floors are a lifetime investment. They are affordable, cost-effective, and long-lasting. Depending upon your budget, you have numerous options of floorboards to select from. They can also last for many generations if they are given proper care and maintenance at regular intervals. Hence, they are such great value for money. They are one of the easiest to clean and maintain floors available today. Regular mopping and adding felt pads to your furniture will keep your floors new for years.

A Healthy Choice

Solid timber floors are the healthiest flooring options for many reasons. They are hypoallergenic as timber floorboards do not trap dust, pollen, or animal hair. Hence, they help improve the air quality inside the home. This is especially beneficial for families with kids, elders, allergy sufferers and pets.

Timeless Comfort and Charm

Timber floors offer a cosy atmosphere by blending well with any kind of interior decor or style. No other floorings can beat the comfort and warmth of timber floors. Unlike the other floors, they are also soft on the feet, making it comfortable to walk or stand for hours. They keep you warm during the cold weather, offering excellent insulation. Furthermore, the sound absorption property adds more desirable features to these beautiful looking floors.

Added Value

Solid timber floors offer unmatched value that lasts for generations. Their natural beauty, character and quality help add value to your home. They can be renovated over and over many times to make them look brand new again. Fixing anything from scratches, damages, or dullness is also easy with the right floor sanding and polishing techniques.

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