cork flooring Sydney

Stanton Flooring specialises in timber, cork, parquetry, and engineered flooring. We also rejuvenate, sand and polish timber floors across Sydney, giving them a great new look. Cork flooring is now becoming ever popular in Sydney homes. This versatile green flooring products not only looks great it is a healthy option too.

What is Cork?

Cork flooring is a renewable and natural research. It is from the bark of cork oak trees which are sourced from Tunisia, Spain, and Portugal. Cork has been used in homes and buildings for centuries and is popular in flooring because of its environmentally friendly footprint, beauty, and durability. To make the cork flooring the cork is ground up, compressed, and formed into sheets that are bonded with resins.

Versatile Look and Style

Cork flooring comes in tiles and planks and is available in many colours, sizes, and styles. Planks are used to create a look for your floor that is practically seamless. You can use contrasting styles and colours of floorboards to create an interesting look that is modern and striking. Whether traditional or ultra modern there is a style to suit your home.

Cork flooring has been around for many decades but has recently come into vogue again because it is a green and renewable resource as well as looking great. There are many great options to choose from and an array of materials, sizes, colours, and styles. The look is easy to change and revamp too if you want a change.

Durable Flooring

Cork flooring is versatile and practical. Cork is resistant to cracking, unlike hardwood floors and linoleum, and is not affected by liquids or gas. Flooring made with cork will bounce back – any indentations created by heavy furniture and other items will not be permanent. And cork flooring can last for decades – up to 40 years or more. The pattern and colour of the cork penetrates the material’s thickness so the material is retained as it wears.

A Safe Flooring Option

Cork flooring is a safe option. It is fire resistant and will only ignite or melt at very high temperatures. It is also a comfortable flooring, and easy to walk on. There is give when it is compressed which makes it comfy underfoot.

A Healthy Flooring Option

Cork is a natural product and does not give off gas or shed microfibres. It is anti microbial and resistant to mould, mildew and termites. Having a natural product such as cork benefits the health of your whole family and makes a positive impact on the local and wider green footprint. Install cork flooring with peace of mind, knowing you are doing your bit for healthy, safety, and the environment.

Cork Flooring Finishes for Sydney homes

There are two types of finishes for cork flooring. They are polyurethane – water based and acrylics. Water based finishes are the most environmentally friendly and less likely to yellow over time. The polyurethane / acrylic finishes are more robust and will give your floors better protection. Talk to our team about the best finish to suit your needs.

Use as a Sound Reducing Insulator

As well as being fantastic for surface flooring, cork can be used as an underlay for tiles, laminate and hardwood to help insulate and reduce noise in a room.


The pricing for floor flooring is comparable to that of bamboo and costs slightly less than most hardwood floors. It is easier to self install than other flooring types.

If you are interested in cork floors for your home, sporting facility or business premises, contact us at Stanton Flooring. Our professional tradesman can give you an obligation free quote. We have expert workmanship and the best in quality timbers and flooring.