timber flooring finishes and polish

There is no other flooring that ages as charmingly as timber flooring. This is the reason why it remains a popular flooring choice among many homeowners in Sydney. There are tons of timber flooring options. Only the best timber flooring service can provide you with a quality timber flooring service from the start of your flooring process to the finish and further maintenance.

So, make sure you have some idea of what to look for in a timber floor to help you find the right timber flooring supplying and installing service in Sydney.

An Insight Into Different Styles and Grades of Timber Floors

If timber flooring is your ideal choice for your home or business, the next thing is to choose the right wood species and style that matches your needs. There are many species of wood that are unique to Australia.

Some beautiful hardwood species are Blackbutt, Brushbox, Rose Gum, Blue Gum, Spotted Gum, Jarrah and Gray Ironbark. Timber floorboards usually come in different sizes ranging from 80mm to 220mm cover. But if you prefer wider timber floorboards, a premium timber supplier can afford it.

Grades of Timber Flooring
Selecting the perfect grade for your Sydney home is crucial as grades address both the appearance and the strength and serviceability of timber floors.

Select Grade
If you are into a neat finish without much character and colour, the select grade is perfect for you. Yet, it still carries minimum natural marks, insect marks and small knots that do not dominate the unblemished look.

Standard Grade
Standard grade has more character than select grade but slightly less than the character grade timbers. Depending upon the species of wood you choose, some may showcase more insect marking, whereas some may showcase more gum veins.

Character Grade
Character grade displays a high degree of natural knots, insect markings, gum veins and other imperfections on a large and more frequent scale. The beauty of character grade is its natural discolouration and imperfections, bringing out the rustic style. Moreover, it is the most affordable among the select and standard grade timbers.

Types of Timber Floor Installation

In general, there are three types of solid strips available.
1. Traditional 19mm Tongue and Groove Flooring
This flooring is nailed to subfloors over joists, bearers, or battens or directly over a concrete slab. They have longer life as you can sand and polish them throughout their life.
2. Solid Overlay Flooring
This type of flooring can be laid over any existing floor, including timber and concrete. Perhaps, it’s the most economical flooring option available to date.
3. Parquetry Flooring
Parquetry flooring is laid in geometric patterns. It is more of a decorative floor and is available in two styles, mosaic, and block.

Why Choose a Timber Flooring Service?

Laying solid timber flooring is definitely not one of the easiest tasks to perform. Firstly, it needs the right skills, experience, thorough knowledge, training and the proper equipment and tools to install. So, whether you are trying to refinish your old flooring or looking for new timber flooring, you need to hire the best flooring supply and install service in Sydney to save yourself from expensive redos and repairs.

Secondly, you need someone who can tailor your flooring as per your needs. A friendly team who listens and assist you in choosing the best quality timber floors and their finishes according to your lifestyle and budget. Moreover, a professional team to handle everything from supplying and installing solid timber floors, giving you a stress-free flooring experience.

So, make no second-guessing and contact Stanton Flooring as we have more than 30 years of experience in supplying, installing, and maintaining timber floors in Sydney. We are friendly and ever ready to help you with our premium quality service at an affordable price.