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Choosing a timber floor colour is the most challenging task of hardwood flooring. It’s because timber floors offer a myriad of choices. So, when you can’t select between different timber floor colours, begin by figuring out whether you like dark or light hardwood flooring colours. You can also look for timber flooring colour ideas and pictures from a professional flooring company or online magazines. You will find tons of colour inspirations that’ll help you come up with choosing shades that you find attractive.

Dark Timber Floors

Dark timber floors are a classic choice for their bright pop of colour and elegance. They harmonise perfectly well with open room plans and large houses. Jarrah, Red Ironbark, Karri, Forest Red and Brushbox provide the ultimate dark timber floors that’ll look spectacular with all kinds of interior design and colour palettes. Indeed, dark and cool-toned timbers are the most effortless timber floors. They also show the grains much better than lighter woods and give a dramatic look. The colours can range from light reds to deep reds, browns, and chocolate browns. You can also go for deeper tones like black by applying black ebony stain.

Light Timber Floors

If you don’t want a dark colour, go for naturally light timber floors like European Oak, Spotted Gum, Myrtle Beech and Blackbutt species. The colours can vary from bright golden yellow, blonde, creamy to light tan. These timber floors look adorably stunning and are also pleasing to the eyes. It sure gives a beautiful aesthetic to any and every home decor theme. It also has other benefits. Light timber floors are more forgiving of dirt, dust, and scratches. Moreover, when you are choosing light timber floor species, you don’t have to stain them. You can simply finish the flooring with a polyurethane coat or varnish.

Grey Timber Floors

Grey toned timber floors are an elegant choice if you are slightly colour-averse. These timber floors are neither too dark nor too light- however, they make a perfectly subtle flooring colour. Besides adding a minimal depth, this flooring also brings warmth and an unmatched look to your home. They blend in perfectly well with both dark and light coloured design styles and create a beautiful contrasting look. There are different shades of grey that range from light silver, bluish-grey to dark blackish greys and brownish greys. Recently, mixing grey with browns to create a grey/beige look is becoming more popular.

White and Off-White Timber Floors

White timber floors are the most popular timber flooring colour choice in recent times for their simple, neat, and fresh look. The different shades of white can vary from creamy off whites to dark chalky whites. Whitewashed timber floors also create an illusion of spaciousness and make the room appear brighter and clean. The white oaks are ideal if you prefer a stylish contemporary look, while red oak gives a traditional look with its pink undertones.

Trending Hardwood Floor Colours

Here are some of the most trending hardwood flooring colours that you may want to have a look at.

  1. Grey colour
  2. Dark charcoal
  3. Copper toned
  4. Whitewash
  5. Blonde
  6. Heritage browns
  7. Black ebony

What Is the Best Hardwood Flooring Colour?

Hardwood floors are beautiful floors, regardless of their colour. There is also no right or wrong colour as it’s highly subjective. However, when you are refinishing or installing new wooden floors, consider all the other aspects of your home, such as its design style, theme, colour palette, space, and lighting, to create balance and cohesiveness in the overall look. You can also take the help of timber flooring professionals to help filter your choices and select a colour that fits your home perfectly. Reach out to Stanton Flooring for all your flooring needs in Sydney.