If you are looking forward to installing a timeless looking floor in your house, nothing can be a better choice than Blackbutt flooring. This engineered timber flooring in Sydney has its own perks.

Although there are thousands of timber floors to choose from, you should consider picking up Blackbutt itself. Blackbutt timber is one of the most popular kinds of timber flooring and hardwood planks across Australia. The Blackbutt timber floor can add a classy look to your house.

Blackbutt timber floor is aesthetically pleasing and one of the most affordable flooring choices.

There are several other benefits of Blackbutt flooring:

  1. Durable

This Blackbutt timber flooring in Sydney can offer a classic look along with durability. The long-lasting characteristic and durability are among the main reasons most people invest in Blackbutt timber flooring in Sydney. Hence, if you take proper care of this flooring, it will last for a long time.

Many types of flooring materials look great, but they tend to lose the charm after a certain period of time. Eventually, they begin to show the signs of wear and tear. However, with Blackbutt flooring, you will only need to sand and polish them once in every few years to retain the original beauty.

  1. Native

Buying Blackbutt flooring ensures that you are purchasing locally sourced engineered timber flooring in Sydney. Moreover, the Blackbutt timber flooring prices in Sydney are low too because of it being purchased locally.

Since it is native to Australia, you can be assured that this is one of the best choices to make for the Australian weather. Moreover, the durability of the flooring makes it one of the best choices for home construction. Another massive advantage of Blackbutt flooring is that it has excellent fire rating, which is why you can use it in areas prone to bushfire.

  1. Easy maintenance

Once you install this Blackbutt timber or engineered timber flooring in Sydney, you won’t have to worry about the maintenance. One of the most common misconceptions about engineered timber flooring is that it is incredibly high maintenance.

Being one of the most durable timber floorings, Blackbutt doesn’t require much maintenance. To take proper care of the flooring, you can invest in a microfibre broom. It will eventually help you get rid of dirt and debris.

However, it is necessary that you sweep the floor accordingly or you can get a specialist floor cleaning solution too. Furthermore, it would help if you avoided the floor from getting too much exposure to moisture. Hence, it would help if you were careful while cleaning and avoiding spills.

  1. Aesthetics

The aesthetics of Blackbutt flooring is one of the many reasons why so many people install it. Blackbutt flooring is available in different colours. Hence, the Blackbutt timber flooring prices in Sydney vary too depending on the aesthetics.

Pale cream and light brown are the staple colours for Blackbutt flooring. If you use a lighter hue, you should install it in small spaces as it can help open up the area and make it appear big by reflecting the light. Moreover, you can also choose to adjust the timeless look depending on the style.

  1. Longevity

As suggested earlier, Blackbutt timber flooring is resistant to fire. Apart from that, Blackbutt flooring is also resistant to termites and bugs. If you take proper care of the flooring, it will last a long time. Blackbutt flooring’s appearance will not change, and it is significantly less prone to wear and tear. Because of its termites and bug resistant feature, blackbutt timber flooring is trending.


The Blackbutt timber and Blackbutt Engineered timber flooring in Sydney can last for generations, provided that you take proper care of it. Moreover, it is available in different colours and styles which eventually contribute to the aesthetics.

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