Flooring Polishing & Sanding Sydney

If you are planning to stain your wooden floors, you are in for a major makeover. Now, there is a misconception between stains and finishes. Stains add colour to your wooden floors to enhance the look, whereas finishes protect your flooring. Sometimes staining may not be a good option for your timber floor s- as some species react to stains. Whatever be the case, check with timber floor sanding and polishing professionals to find the right stain and polish for your floorboards.

There are tons of stains varying from pale white to brown and black shades. So, if you want to change the look and colour of your existing wooden flooring, hardwood floor sanding and polishing is the easiest and most economical option. Here are four main types of timber floor stains and polishes you should know.


Limewash is a great staining option to lighten and brighten a naturally dark wooden floor. It is suitable for almost any type of timber floor. Originally limewash is a mixture of calcium hydroxide and chalk that is applied to the flooring directly. Although it’s a technique from the past, limewashing is becoming more popular, making it an essential modern timber floor staining option. Nowadays, limewash is available in a series of white colour tones, ranging from natural pale whites to chalky and yellowish hues.

Limewashing gives a beautiful bright and bleachy effect to your timber floors. You also need to look at sealing limewashed floors with a finish to make them durable and long-lasting.

Black Stain

The craze for black hardwood flooring is increasing day by day. Even homeowners with naturally dark flooring prefer black stains for their aesthetically pleasing and striking look.

Black stains can make your timber flooring one of the most stunning and modern floors out there. If you are not a big fan of timber knots, black stains can help you cover them. However, many homeowners believe that black stains do not show up grains. That’s not true – it depends upon the coverage and colour you want to have for your timber floors. True to the rising demand, nowadays, there are many sheer black staining options available that helps enhance the natural grains of your timber flooring.


If you want your home to have a gleaming effect, a glossy finish is perfect for you. Timber flooring looks eye-catching and shiny in glossy and semi-glossy polishes. Not to mention, glossy and semi-gloss timber floorings need high maintenance down the road. Moreover, they can show scratches and dents more abruptly, no matter what colour your flooring has. So, you may want to consider your lifestyle and especially if you have children and pets. However, if you are ready to give the care it needs, glossy floors can look fantastic for many years.


Satin timber floorings are pure classic. If you can’t decide between glossy and matte finishes, then satin can be your ideal pick. Many homeowners seem to confuse between satin and matte. Matte does not reflect light and can have a subdued appearance. On the other hand, satin finishes have a longer life carrying their subtle sheen along the way. That’s the reason satin finishes never go out of style. Moreover, satin timber floors do not require high maintenance as glossy and semi-glossy floors and do not show up dirt and scratches. Hence, they are perfect for large families with pets and kids.

It’s not about just choosing the perfect stains and polishes that matter, but the real work is applying them correctly to achieve the look you want. So, reach out to our floor sanding and polishing experts at Stanton Flooring for all your staining and polishing needs in Sydney.