Flooring supply and installation in Sydney

Timber flooring is versatile. The most beautiful floors that team up with almost all kinds of home and office interiors and styles. Moreover, they are a lifetime investment. Yes, easy floor repairs with floor sanding and polishing techniques keep them young and fresh for many years.

Have you been thinking of installing timber floors in your Sydney home? Begin with learning about the main types of timber flooring to help you make an informed decision.

Timber Flooring
Solid hardwood flooring or commonly termed timber flooring is the most cherished timber flooring option. Its natural look from the blend of light and dark colour tones and unique grain patterns creates its character and charm.

The major attraction of timber flooring is that no two floorboards look the same. Each board boasts its distinctive personality, highlighting its unique patterns of grain. The colours and grains can also vary on the same board. That’s why timber floors are world-famous.

The prices vary depending upon the species and type of timber you choose. In general, solid timber floors are available in three grades.

1. Select Grade: This is the most expensive one as it offers a clean and flawless look as it features hardly any flaws like knots, insect marks and veins.
2. Standard Grade: The standard grade comes with a few natural markings offering an elegant look.
3. Character Grade: This type of timber flooring features all the knots and imperfections, creating a rustic look.

Here are some of the most popular types of solid timber flooring in Sydney.
? Blackbutt
? Jarrah
? Tasmanian Oak
? Spotted Gum
? Gray Ironbark

Solid timber floorboards are also available in two styles.
1. Traditional tongue and groove: The floorboards come with tongue and groove that locks in together, which are then nailed down.
2. Floating floors: Here, the floorboards are laid directly over the existing flooring.

Parquetry Flooring
Parquet floors are the most dramatic and decorative timber floors. This flooring uses relatively short pieces of timber to form a variety of artistic patterns. This technique is called parquetry flooring. Some of the most popular patterns are herringbone, brick bond, chevron, basketweave and square on square.

They are available in two styles.
1. Mosaic: This pattern comprises 6 or 7 small blocks (fingers) that fits together to form a square shape. The next square goes in the opposite direction, forming a checkered pattern.
2. Block: This pattern comprises single blocks that run in different directions.

Since parquet floors are made from solid timber, floor sanding and polishing is definitely possible to enhance their look after heavy wear and tear. They are also available in tiles, the engineered parquetry blocks.

Cork Flooring
This flooring is yet another beautiful timber floor that is popular for its eco-friendly and sustainable traits. Cork is harvested from the outer bark of cork oak trees every nine years. The bark continues to regenerate throughout its lifespan, making them an affordable choice for many homeowners in Sydney.

The flooring also offers many benefits and feels extremely soft on the feet. They can also be laid directly over any existing flooring.

The cork flooring tiles are available in various designs and styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary designs. Some of the popular cork flooring tiles are the flat white marble, autumn, harmony country cork, Calais-cream and Cappuccino.

Engineered Flooring
These are stunning floors that mimic the look of solid timber floors but are more affordable and easy to maintain floors. They are also equally durable and resistant to water and heat.

Engineered flooring consists of several layers of plywood above which a thin layer of hardwood timber is bonded. Hence it looks and feels exactly like timber floors. If the top layer of timber is above 3mm, the flooring is also easy to sand and polish to maintain its looks.

The main benefit of engineered flooring is its easy installation. The floorboards come pre-finished that are installed over the existing flooring surface. Hence it takes only half a time of installing solid timber flooring. These floorings offer endless designs and styles to suit everyone’s taste.

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