Sport Court Polishing & sanding Sydney

Basketball courts and gymnasiums should have wooden floorings to ensure the convenience of the athletes. The indoor basketball courts are mostly a part of gymnasiums with proper borders and nets. Therefore, it becomes a need to constantly provide timber flooring for indoor courts.

If you take a look around, you will find that most of the basketball courts are made of wood to ensure the safety of the players. The wooden flooring provides the benefit of better athletic performances in practice as well.

A proper flooring contributes to making moves like layups, jump shots, dribbling more quickly and efficiently. Whether you are installing a new basketball court or maintaining an old one, you should consider choosing a flooring option accordingly. The experts at Stanton Flooring can help you with timber floor polishing in Sydney.

Why should you opt for timber floor polishing and sanding in Sydney?

Having a timber floor can require some maintenance. To keep your timber courts in top shape, annual upkeep of the hardwood floor may be required, especially for basketball courts and gymnasiums.

Small wear and tear can affect the gameplay of the individuals. The basketball court is ideally kept smooth which will ensure it is non-slip to ensure good gameplay and avoid the risk of injuries.

A maintained basketball floor helps to keep up with beauty and aesthetics of the court. If you think your basketball court needs maintenance or a complete re-sand and polish, you should get in touch with the professionals.

How can we help?

There are two major options that you may want to opt for your timber flooring in stadiums or small sports floors.

Light Sanding and Recoating

This is probably required for annual maintenance of the basketball courts. Experts at Stanton Flooring use urethane for maintaining the pristine condition of basketball flooring. The annual maintenance will require a through professional scrub & wash. Your timber courts will also benefit from a light sand plus a re-coat.

If you want to keep the wooden basketball flooring in its pristine condition, you should consider annual repair and refinish. This plays a vital role in maintaining performance across the basketball court.

Timber floor restoration

Stanton Flooring also provides constant timber floor restoration services. With proper maintenance, the experts ensure fixing of the wear and tear of timber flooring. Full sanding and polishing can help to improve the look and performance of the floor.

Other Services:

Stanton Flooring in Sydney provides a wide range of court maintenance services. Some of these include the following

  • Line marking across the basketball court to ensure borders.
  • Polishing and sanding the hardwood floors for basketball courts as well as sporting courts.

Why Should You Install Wooden Flooring?

Timber flooring can be extremely beneficial for basketball games. Some of the prominent reasons why the basketball courts have timber flooring include the following

  1. Easy maintenance

Unlike other flooring types, wooden floors are extremely easy to maintain. You can easily remove the dust by mopping moreover wooden flooring ensures smooth gameplay. Regular timber floor maintenance plays an important role in ensuring easy gameplay.

  1. Better Performance & No-Slip Surface

Hardwood floor sanding and polishing paves the way for better performance on the court. The measurement of ball bounce is way better on a wooden floor than on concrete floor. Therefore, experts prefer a wooden basketball floor over a concrete one.

  1. Uniform

Timber flooring doesn’t provide uneven distribution. Playing basketball on a uniform floor is essential for athletes. Non-uniform flooring can increase the chances of various injuries. Moreover, it causes fatigue and consumes a lot of energy.


If you want to improve the aesthetics and performance of the floors of your Basketball, Netball, or Volleyball courts, you should get in touch with our team for professional assistance.