Timber floor stains and polishing Sydney

One of the crucial questions that arise after installing hardwood floors is whether to stain or not. Trust us; it is not an easy decision to make. The natural look of timber brings about a beautiful, charming, and rustic look, but staining has its own beauty.

Staining brings out the depth and creates magnificent looks that are stunning. In addition, with staining, you can mimic the look of exotic wood just as quickly.

Your choice affects everything from longevity to the maintenance habits and the atmosphere of your home.

At Stanton Flooring, we are often asked whether stained wood floors or natural wood floors are better.

Stained Timber Floors

Are you looking to imitate the feel of oakwood flooring? Or maybe you want a stylish herringbone pattern? Whatever it is, you can replicate the same with stained timber floors. Stained wood flooring adds instant drama and a no-fuss finish, durable and long-lasting.

Stained timber floors offer more warmth to your floors than a natural finish. The stain brings out the beautiful naturally occurring grains and adds a character to the room. You’ll still be able to see the natural grains, structure, features, and knots of wood through the stain.

There are many options when it comes to staining timber floors. You can either opt for a stylish, trendy, or traditional classic look. The stain forms an opaque coating on the surface, giving it a consistent colour when applied.

Our experts at Stanton Flooring work with you to choose the right stain according to your needs. Grey tones, natural colours, and limewash are in trend and currently popular. Dark brown floor with contrasting light coloured walls is another look currently in vogue.

Floorboard sanding and polishing in Sydney can get your stain to go more even and bring out the natural grains.

Stained timber floors are ideal:

  • If your room is bright with tons of natural sunlight streaming in
  • If you want a dramatic and striking effect for your room

Natural Timber Floors

Not all timber floor requires staining. You can adopt a natural, rustic atmosphere if that is what you are going for. With floor sanding and polishing Sydney, you can ensure that the timber floors look their best. Natural flooring helps protect the floors from dirt and grime. It also helps reduce the wear and tear of the wood.

Natural wood flooring is ideal for use in smaller rooms since they allow for better light reflection. An unstained flooring maximises the sunshine bringing more light into the room. This helps make the room appear larger than it is.

There are many different types of natural timber floors; each of them has a different look and feel. Depending on the timber, some have a lighter look while others are dark.

When choosing the floorboards, you need to consider the design of your home, foot traffic, maintenance, and budget. The budget includes the upfront costs for installing, floor revamping and timber repairing Sydney.

Natural timber floors are ideal:

  • If the room is painted in a dark colour
  • If you are looking for a low key, rustic effect for your home

Stained timber flooring has its advantages with having a stunning effect. They suit a more modern home with lots of windows and plenty of light. However, not to be outdone, natural flooring is also right there with its classic look. The latter is also easy to maintain and affordable. The old-world look suit a more traditional home with classic interiors.

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