engineered timber floor

Over the years, engineered timber flooring in Sydney is becoming extremely popular. Rather than choosing solid hardwood flooring, people are shifting to engineered timber flooring and all for good. The engineered timber wood has one layer of genuine wood while the rest is composite wood.


Engineered wood, as suggested, is made of a proper combination of composite and natural wood. However, this plays a vital role in improving aesthetics. The aesthetics provided by the engineered timber flooring in Sydney is the same as a hardwood floor. Moreover, the engineered timber flooring prices in Sydney are much lower than the natural hardwood one.


Despite the popularity, there are several myths and misconceptions about engineered timber flooring in Sydney. These myths are one of the main reasons why many people are reluctant about including these in their houses.


  1. Solid hardwood and engineered hardwood do not look similar

This is the first and foremost myth that needs to be busted. You must have heard many people saying that engineered hardwood looks nothing like solid hardwood. Well, there might be small differences which can be neglected. The technology has advanced a lot. Hence, the engineered hardwood flooring is made so advanced that if one isn’t experienced enough, they won’t point out the difference between the two.


  1. Engineered wood is not a wood

Let’s debunk this now. Engineered wood is made up of natural and composite wood layers. The top layer of engineered wood is made of solid hardwood and sealed in the same manner.


The underneath layers of the flooring consists of high-density fiberboard, plywood and medium-density fiberboard. The layers are arranged in such a manner that it can protect high temperature and humidity-related warping.


  1. Engineered wood isn’t as durable as solid wood

The durability of engineered wood is always under question. However, the products are comparable in durability. The hardwood flooring is prone to dents and scrapes, which holds for solid and engineered hardwood.


All species of woods are rated depending on the hardness scale or Janka scale. The Janka scale determines how tough or hard the flooring would be. Comparatively, engineered hardwood flooring can handle fluctuations in terms of humidity and temperature. Furthermore, it provides longer warranties too.


  1. Engineered wood is cheap

Only if this was true, the engineered timber flooring prices in Sydney vary depending on the quality. Although these are less expensive than hardwood flooring, the price can eventually increase depending on the quality. The price will further increase if you need different technology and processing of each plank.


  1. Less value for money

One of the main reasons people believe this misconception is that solid wood products are made of the same material from top to bottom while engineered wood products aren’t. Because of the same material in solid wood, it is believed that they add value and are more expensive than other wooden products. However, these are just assumptions and not true. If the engineered hardwood flooring is taken care of, they can last longer and provide better value for money.


  1. Engineered wood looks fake

The engineered timber flooring in Sydney is one of the most genuine looking products. The main difference between the engineered wooden floor and solid wooden floor lies in their construction. Apart from that, the looks are very similar.



The quality of wooden products will vary which will eventually contribute to the variation in price. Often the solid wood will look more beautiful than engineered wood. But there are several beautiful engineered wood floors as well that look better than solid hardwood.


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