hardwood floors

Wooden floors, on regular use over a long period of time, can look dull and worn out. Though they age gracefully, timber floors can never escape wear and tear. The scratches, dents and gouges also dull the beautiful appearance of wooden floors. Timber floors are the most versatile flooring, meaning you can get a new look for your hardwood flooring without having to spend a lot from your wallet.

1. Apply a New Coat of Finish

Most wooden floors only need a mere touch up to get back their original shine. Your flooring can often just need sanding and polishing to get back its lustre. Finishes not only make the floors look new but also protect them. There are many types of finishes such as water-based polyurethane and oil-based polyurethane, to name a few. Depending upon the type and species of your timber floors, you can choose the one that’ll add shine and protection to them in the long run.

The best thing about the new finish is you can choose the gloss level. Whether you want to have your floors glossy or matte, anything is possible with finishes. You may hire a flooring professional to help you choose a finish that’ll work best for your timber floors at your home or office.

2. Change the Colour of Your Timber Floors

If you want to give your timber floors a brand new look, consider staining. Staining is the easiest and best way to provide your timber floors with a new look by changing their colour to lighter or darker tones. Staining offers you plenty of colour choices – natural browns, chocolate browns and dark shades, including red and black stains, that’ll give a dramatic new look to your floors. In addition, there is a wide range of staining options available today. You can either choose just a stain (only the colour) or stains that come dissolved in a solvent. These solvents are nothing but the finishes like polyurethane.

If you choose to stain your timber floors, there are some factors to which you must pay attention and need professional help with:

  • Stains are not suitable for all types of wooden floors.
  • When choosing a stain, it’s important to consider a stain that can withstand high foot traffic and pet damages if your house is subjected to those criteria.
  • You may also need floor sanding and polishing to remove the existing stains and scratches or damages if any.

3. White Wash Your Timber Floors

Whitewashing is one of the best ways to make your wooden floors look new again, especially in a lighter way. It gives your timber floors a new look that’s fresh, modern and airy. Though it looks beautiful in light woods, whitewashing is suitable for almost any type of wooden flooring. It is usually done by removing the natural colour of the wood by bleaching. Bleaching the wooden floor helps in showing the natural grains when applying a lime-based coating or white paint. After bleaching, your flooring professional may add a protective coating or finish to protect the flooring.


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