Cleaning your outdoor decking? If yes, don’t forget to sand and polish them. Outdoor timber deck sanding is the first and most important step when it comes to decking maintenance. Sanding and polishing give timber decks a fresh and clean look by rejuvenating them.

The Main Reason Why You Should Sand Your Timber Decking

Timber decks provide beautiful outdoor spaces. A well-maintained and beautiful outdoor decking makes a perfect place for spending quality time with family and friends. Perhaps your little haven to relax and soak in the sun. They also add value to your home. However, over time, timber decks start looking dull and faded with all the foot traffic, spills, tannin spots and sunshine they have endured. When they start giving you signs, you know it’s time for a deck clean-up and maintenance.

While power washing outdoor decking can look like a quick and easy-peasy way to get them clean and shining, they are only going to do more harm to your lovely-looking decking. Power washing causes timber floors to expand, causing them to elevate and remain like that even after they become dry. They may also cause splintering— and if your decking already has splintered somewhere, power washing will further aggravate the condition and cause cracks. So, it’s always better to sand and polish timber decks to give them a clean look. You can choose a desirable finish, matte or satin or a new stain, dark or light, to make your timber decks great again.

Is sanding necessary for timber decks? Yes! Sanding is necessary for timber decks. How does it revitalise timber decks? Whether you want to apply a new sealant or a stain, sanding goes first. Sanding helps remove the previous coating products, oil, mildew, fading and other imperfections. Besides that, sanding allows you to repair your decking or replace a board if needed.

And most importantly, it offers a smooth surface for the new finish to make the floorboards shine. Sanding smoothes out the top layer of the wooden surface and helps open the grains to enable the new stains and sealants to settle evenly. So always make sure to sand before recoating or staining your timber decking. And the best way to do this is by hiring a professional timber floor sanding and polishing company.

Why Choose a Professional Company for Timber Deck Sanding and Polishing?

Now you know that your timber decks need sanding, it also means they need professional care.

There are many reasons why you should go for a professional floor sanding and polishing service to refinish your timber decks.

So, to begin with, timber decking needs delicate care, which only a flooring professional can deliver. They have years of experience in sanding and polishing, which gives them the expertise to handle all kinds of timber decking needs. In addition, they have the best sanding and polishing equipment to take care of your decking according to their condition without causing any damage.

A professional floor sanding company can also take care of fixing the damages before sanding and resealing timber decks. They can also help you replace extremely damaged floorboards with new ones for a flawless look.

Choosing a professional timber floor sanding company also gives you peace of mind about the quality of products that goes on your flooring. Reputable floor sanding services use only premium products on your decking to revitalise its look. Finally, professional floor sanding services save you a lot of time and money.

Need Professional Help?

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