Bring back the life in your hardwood floor with timber floor sanding and polishing. The hardwood flooring of your house gives it a sophisticated and elegant look. The longevity of your magnificent wood flooring depends on the quality of wood used and the protective coating.

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With time the beauty and shine of the wooden flooring start to fade away from regular wear and tear, scratches, minor accidents, and many other reasons to speak of.

What can you do to instill the lost richness and shine of your hardwood flooring?

The best way to restore your lavish hardwood flooring is with timber floor sanding and polishing Sydney services. Refinishing your old wooden flooring is quite easy but there are several factors that are essential regarding the timber floor sanding process.

Before you start with the Timber sanding and polishing process, you must look out for these factors that can have a significant influence on your sanding process.

1. Quality and Type of Wood

You must identify the type of wood originally used for the flooring. You just cannot start vaguely without knowing the type of wood used. While arranging the debris of Mahagony and Jarrah can be quite difficult but woods of Oak and walnut are easy to refinish. When it comes to choosing the perfect wooden flooring Oak, Maple and Cherry are the best choices among all. You can also go for bamboo or ash flooring if you are installing new hardwood flooring.

2. Abrasive Grits

Following a proper grit sequence is the most important part of the sanding process. You must make sure that you start with abrasive grits then move towards the finer ones. Start to remove wood polish, paints, and other coatings with abrasive sandpaper. When you are done with this you can go forward with the second step of the process to remove stains and scratches on the floor. This will also help you to make the floor smooth and even.

A defined grit sequence will benefit to avoid sandpaper wastage. You will often find people wasting a lot of sandpapers when they are not using grits the right way. Always bear in mind that the grit process will largely depend on the type of wooden flooring you have. So make sure that you don’t ruin the beauty of your hardwood floor with the wrong grits.

3. Using the Right Equipment

Timber floor sanding and polishing Sydney requires a lot of hard work and time. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If you don’t get professionals to do it then there a high chance of making a mess of your flooring. You may end up sanding the floor more than it’s required. And only professionals know how to handle sanding equipment and which are the right ones.

There are several sanding equipment such as detail floor sanders, sandpapers, floor sanders, floor edger, vacuum cleaner, protective gear, heavy extension cords, and many more to name.

Also, you must focus on the capacity of this machinery. You cannot use small capacity sanders for large areas. Though the store bought machines are portable but don’t have the same work efficiency like the ones professionals use. That is why you should focus on getting the right people with the proper equipment to do the sanding of your hardwood floor.

4. Wooden Floor Coating

You cannot end your influential factors list without focusing on the wooden floor coating point. Though you follow all the sanding rules religiously if your coating at the end is not properly done then all goes in vain. Make sure that you don’t rush while applying the coating. Wait till your floors dry before you apply the coating again. This will help to bring out the shining sheer texture of your flooring.

It’s no doubt that that sanding process is exhausting. But with the help of the right people, proper equipment, and keeping in focus the essential factors you can get back the beauty of your hardwood floor.

Stanton Flooring can help you with professional quality Timber floor sanding and polishing in Sydney to revive your hardwood floor.