Everything You Need To Know About Sports Stadium Polishing

Timber floor polishing and sanding Sydney

Sports stadium floors can wear and tear easily due to high usage. Maintaining their condition is crucial for the safety of athletes. By taking proper care of the stadium, you can also improve the overall performance of the court. Maintaining sports stadium floors may be an investment but replacing them will be highly costly. Therefore, it is vital to keep the timber floor looking at its best regularly.

Proper flooring enhances the speed and efficiency of basketball moves such as layups, jump shots, and dribbling. When installing or maintaining a basketball court, it is important to select a flooring option that is suitable for the purpose.

Stanton Flooring with over 30 years of experience in maintaining sports stadium floors. In this article, we will share some things we have learned over the years about sports stadium polishing.

Why is Timber Floor Polishing Necessary for Sports Stadiums?

Timber floors need regular maintenance to maintain their top shape. This is true, particularly for basketball courts and sporting stadiums where even slight wear and tear can impact the players’ gameplay.

Keeping the surface of the basketball or sports court smooth and non-slip is crucial for reducing the risk of injuries. Proper maintenance also helps to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the court.

Different Ways to Maintain Sports Stadium

There are two ways a sports stadium can be maintained and polished.

Light Sanding and Recoating

The first option for timber floor maintenance is an annual process. This includes light sand back and a recoating with a specially formulated sport urethane.

Annual maintenance is necessary to maintain the pristine condition of basketball courts. The experts at Stanton Flooring use urethane for this purpose. The maintenance process includes the following:

  • Thorough professional scrub and wash
  • Light sanding
  • Recoating

This option is especially necessary if your sports stadium floors are regularly used. Similarly, sports stadium floors in Sydney should be routinely polished because the weather also causes damage. Therefore, annual repair and refinishing of the sports stadium floor help maintain the court’s performance level.

Timber Floor Restoration

The second option of complete sanding and polishing is necessary for restoring old or neglected timber sports courts. This helps to restore the dilapidated timber floor to a new state. Proper maintenance by experts ensures wear and tear repair on timber flooring. Through complete sanding and polishing, the appearance and performance of the floor can be improved.

Since timber floor restoration is costly and time-consuming, it is best to opt for annual maintenance. Similarly, yearly timber floor polishing also helps to save you restoration costs.

Why Should You Install Timber Floors in Sports Stadiums?

There are many reasons why sports stadiums like basketball courts should be made up of timber floors, which include:

Easy to Maintain

Timber floors are easy to maintain compared to other types of flooring. They can be easily cleaned by mopping and ensure smooth gameplay. Additionally, Regular maintenance is essential for maintaining a wooden floor in top condition.

Better Performance and Non-Slip Surface

Hardwood floor sanding and polishing improve the performance of the court. Timber floors provide better ball bounce than concrete floors, making them an ideal choice.


Timber flooring ensures a uniform playing surface which is important for athletes. A non-uniform floor can increase the risk of injuries and cause fatigue and energy loss.

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