Choosing the Right Flooring For An Investment Property

Solid Timber Flooring Sydney

One of the most challenging and time-consuming parts of designing, remodelling, or renovating an investment property is its flooring. You must consider different aspects of flooring that proves to be worthy in the long run because you have to be prepared for your tenants. Your tenants may or may not treat your flooring in the way you would. So, it is crucial to choose a flooring that can survive wear and tear for a long time, not calling for costly renovation budgets. Your flooring should be cost-effective, easy to maintain and long-lasting. Here are a few simple tips to help you choose the right flooring for your investment property.

1.    Choose Durable Floors

For any kind of investment property, you have to consider floors that last for several years without the need to replace or repair them often. For instance, they should be easy to clean up stains or protected against moving furniture. Therefore, durable floors are necessary for investment properties. They can withstand wear and tear for a long time without much maintenance. If you are looking for the best durable floors, hardwood flooring is a perfect choice.

2.    Go for Budget-Friendly Floors

As for an investment property, the flooring you choose must be affordable. It is essential to have some assessment over different kinds of flooring that are readily available. You should also take into account the installation cost and their maintenance in the long run. Further, they should not consume a lot of time in renovating or redoing your investment property.


Solid timber floors are efficient floors that are available at affordable prices and are easy to install. You can also refinish them as many times as you want, making them the ideal choice for investment properties.

3.    Know Your Prospective Tenants

Considering your potential tenants can also help you choose the right flooring for your investment property. For instance, a studio apartment can be great for corporate tenants, mostly a single person, two friends or a young professional couple. And in the case of a villa, you may expect families with kids, pets, and lots of hustle and bustle.  So, depending upon the size, its location and the local lifestyle, you may want the kind of flooring that’s visually appealing to your tenants. Most importantly, they should be hardwearing.

4.    Choose Minimal Design Elements

Keeping your flooring basic and neutral can help you with the appeal of your flooring for several years. By sticking with minimal flooring designs and tones, you are making your investment classy and timeless. It can help you attract reliable tenants effortlessly without the need to redo your flooring. Keep it simple and elegant.

5.    Blend In With the Design and Functionality

Flooring plays a huge part not only in the aesthetics but also in bringing a warm feel soon as you step inside. So, it is crucial to find the flooring that matches the design and functionality of your investment property. Lighting, space, and functionality are the most desirable factors any tenant will look for. To maintain its aura, always keep in mind to choose lighter or darker colours depending upon the size and natural lighting available in your investment property.


Solid hardwood floors are the best choice for investment property as they are durable, economical, and attractive. To know more about the various hardwood flooring options, contact Stanton Flooring as we are the leading supplier and installer of solid hardwood flooring in Sydney for decades.