Parquetry flooring Sydney

Stanton Flooring performs professional installation and supply of timber, cork, parquetry, and engineered flooring. We also sand and polish timber floors across Sydney.

What is Parquetry?

Parquetry is used in both flooring and furniture since the late 1600s. It is a geometric of wood pieces that are set out in a highly regular decorative effect. Triangles, squares, and lozenges are created using blocks or strips of wood. Common parquetry forms are sunshine forms and stars. The chevron or herringbone pattern is popular in modern times. Contrasting wood types are often used to give a striking effect.


The look of parquetry flooring is classic and timeless. Luxurious artistic design is combined with the worldly charm of timber flooring.

Parquetry floors are environmentally sustainable and durable. Timber parquetry is the flooring or choice for interior design experts and architects and comes in an elegant finish. The look of parquetry is beautiful and the aesthetics work well with new builds and with renovations.

At Stanton Flooring we are passionate about parquetry flooring. This type of flooring has a timeless beauty that is crafted using a mosaic. It is a classic look that will add beauty to your home for many years to come.

Little Maintenance

Parquetry flooring requires little maintenance. There is a shiny finish to this type of flooring and there is no need for waxing or scrubbing. Parquetry floors just need to be vacuumed to be kept dust free. If the flooring is not exposed to too much sunlight and moisture or water, the finish will last for years. Parquetry flooring can also be sanded down and resurfaced as needed over time.

Make a Statement

Parquetry floors are perfect for making a statement in all rooms of your home. Parquetry is used in all types of floors from homes through to churches, hotels, and even basketball courts. Have a feature piece added for extra effect. The large spacious look of this flooring can highlight and add interest too.

The perfect solution, you can use timber parquetry in entryways and then traditional floorboards beyond. Parquetry flooring can refresh any room and change the atmosphere of any home or building.

Range of Patterns

There are a range of different parquetry patterns and designs to choose from. There is something to suit every taste and style. Our standard patterns include brick bond, square on square and herringbone. We can also custom make any pattern that you like. Our designs have 6 or 7 small pieces that fit together to give you a beautiful design. Different textures, shades and colours of wood can be combined to create interesting look and feel.
Safe Flooring

Parquetry flooring is easy to move on. It is a softer flooring option than tiles and so ideal for little ones that are learning to walk, and for pets. There is little wear and tear. The boards are made from multiple thin layers of wood which are adhered with glue heat and pressure. They are as solid as untouched pieces of timber. The timber is adhered so that the timber grain layers go in opposite directions, which makes boards less likely to warp and contract than solid timber boards.


Parquetry flooring is durable and has a unique look. It can withstand a lot of daily traffic. When expertly installed it can be a major feature of your home and will give you a low maintenance look for years.

Stanton Flooring has expert workmanship and the best in quality timbers and flooring. With over 30 years in the trade our team can give your home or premises an outstanding look and feel that will last for many years. If you have an existing parquetry floor we can re-sand and finish it for you to give you a fresh and stylish new look. Contact us for a free quote today.