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Practicality and workplace safety are the two important factors to consider when choosing floors for commercial and industrial buildings. To be specific, anti-slip floors are an essential aspect of commercial interiors. That’s why we recommend choosing timber floors with anti-slip coating for commercial buildings. And professional floorboard sanding and polishing makes it easier than ever.

Timber Floors for Commercial Buildings
Timber floors are the most popular flooring option for building owners and office managers. However, slips, trips and falls are the considerable risks that almost all floorings pose. And timber floors are no exception. They become exceedingly slippery when they are exposed to moisture or become wet. Therefore, commercial buildings such as schools, offices, hospitals, cafes, and restaurants need anti-slip floors to avoid the risk of falling and causing injury. Most importantly, the entrance, corridors, kitchens, canteens, and restrooms need superior anti-slip floorings.

Falls also become a concern during rainy days when employees and the general public walk in with wet shoes. Thanks to modern floor sanding and polishing techniques, they offer superior anti-slip solutions and ensure safety and security in the workplace. Moreover, there are many benefits to installing anti-slip flooring besides avoiding fatal falls. One significant benefit is they protect the wood beneath and maintain its beauty for many years.

Anti-Slip Coatings for Timber Floors
Anti-slip flooring is an integral part of providing safety to the employees in commercial buildings. In general, timber floors are not slippery when they are clean and dry. However, exposure to moisture can make them slippery due to their slick finish. And this becomes one of the main issues concerning the grip of the outdoor and indoor timber flooring. This can be overcome by sanding and polishing the timber floorboards with anti-slip coats and finishes.

Anti-slip timber floor coatings are available for both indoor flooring and outdoor decking. On application, they increase the grip and provide maximum resistance to slip. Moreover, timber anti-slip coatings are available in various finishes, including gloss and satin. Hence, they can cater to all your design needs.

How Do Flooring Professionals Do It?
Floor sanding and polishing professionals begin by examining your floors. They check for any damages like scratches, dents, cracks, or holes before applying an anti-slip coating or sealer. They repair the damaged timber floors and install new floorboards wherever necessary. Depending upon the intensity of damages, they may lightly sand and prepare the timber floors for finishing. They may apply one to two coatings, depending upon the level of foot traffic and other needs. The most important thing to consider is giving the coatings enough time to dry.

Floorboard Sanding and Polishing in Sydney
For many decades, solid timber floors have been the most popular choice for commercial flooring. It’s mainly because of their elegance and long-lasting life. Most importantly, timber floors are easy to install and maintain. Moreover, with a reliable floor sanding and polishing service around, timber floor repairs are easy.

No doubt, timber floors increase the value of your commercial space. However, falls and accidents are serious risks – no matter whether at home or in commercial buildings. Therefore, you need anti-slip floors that are both safe and beautiful. If you think your existing finish is way too slick and needs a quick floor sanding and polishing, we are here to help you.

Reach out to our expert floor sanding and polishing team in Sydney at Stanton Flooring for timber floor repairs and installations. We have a wide range of specialist flooring solutions that are fit for both residential and commercial needs.