Wooden floor sanding and polishing Sydney

As the days and years roll by, timber floors can start looking old and dull from the daily wear and tear. It doesn’t mean you need new flooring, but it means your timber flooring is ready for floor sanding and polishing. So, this calls for professional floor sanding and polishing services.

Why Go for Professional Floor Sanding and Polishing?

Flooring plays a significant role in adding beauty and elevating the overall look of your home. If your floor looks dull and damaged, it affects the overall look and the value of your home.

Scratches and scuffs from furniture, pets and dirt accumulated in the gaps across floorboards all contribute to the lifeless look of timber floors. If you try to fix them yourself, chances are there you are going to add more damage than doing any good to your timber flooring. Sometimes you may make irreversible mistakes that again need costly renovation. Moreover, you may also lose the long term benefits of installing a timber floor. That’s why you must invest in a professional floor sanding service in Sydney.

With professional care, you get endless benefits. Yes, professional timber floor sanding and polishing experts will revitalise your dull and damaged floorboards and give them back their original look and lustre. You can also change the look of your timber flooring with floor sanding and polishing services. You can stain them in a different colour and finish them in a gloss, satin, or matte finish to add a new look to your home. Also, the best part is you get assistance from choosing finishes to maintenance tips that help maintain your timber floors in the long run.

The main benefit of hiring a professional sanding service is they know exactly what they are doing and what’s best for your timber floors.

How Do They Revitalise Your Floorboards?

A professional floor sanding team will start by assessing your floors, checking for the kind of damage, including the gaps and recommend the best solution to make them look brand new again. If your floors do not require an extensive sanding process, they may go with light sanding (buffing) and polishing to restore the look of your timber floors. If some of your floorboards need replacement, they may replace them with new ones. They also give your timber floors a brand new look by staining, if you need.

Within your budget and timeframe, they make sure to finish and seal your timber flooring without any damage.

The Best Time To Sand Your Timber Floors

Timber floor sanding and polishing can be done at any time. In general, floors must be refinished at least once every 10-15 years to maintain their look. However, it also depends on the amount of wear and tear and the type of flooring you have.

How To Prepare Your Home?

Floor sanding and polishing typically finished in a day, depending upon the size of your room and the condition of your flooring. Therefore, you need to make some preparation before you get your floors done.

  1. Remove all the furniture, curtain, and other items from the room
  2. Remove floor mats and rugs
  3. Cover any remaining furniture with plastic sheets
  4. Protect the baseboards with a painters’ tape
  5. Clean the floor and make sure it is dust-free

Doing this will enable your floor sanding professionals to work effectively and avoid any damage to your belongings.


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