Flooring supply and installation in Sydney

You may know something about timber flooring, but you may still be looking for answers to all those lingering questions you have. We have compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) from our customers from everything about timber floor installation and repairs. And let’s get started.

What is floating floor installation?
A floating floor is a method of installing engineered timber floors. In this method, the planks interlock without the need for nailing or gluing them to the subfloor. They are easy to install and remove. Therefore, engineered floors are economical and quick to install.

Can I install timber flooring in my kitchen?
Yes, you can have timber floors in your kitchen but remember the kitchen is a high impact area, so you must take proper care. Be cautious with spills, falls and water leakage. You can also choose a hard-wearing species, finish or engineered timber flooring for your kitchen for longer life.

Can I paint or stain my timber flooring?
Yes, you can paint and stain your timber floors as many times as you want. Polyurethane is the most commonly used finish for timber floors. However, it’s advisable to have your timber floors checked for compatibility, as some may react to paints and coatings. So, in such cases, they need special treatment before coating.

How long does it take for a professional timber floor installation?
It usually depends on the size of your home or commercial space. However, prefinished timber floorboards are quick to install compared to unfinished floorboards. Unfinished floorboards are sanded and polished on site. They also need additional time for coating, finishing and acclimatisation.

How many times can I sand and polish my timber flooring?
A good quality timber floor can be sanded and polished several times up to six times or even more. The denser the floorboards, the more they can be refinished. If you have engineered floors installed, check for their thickness before considering sanding or polishing.

What is the life of my hardwood flooring?
A professionally installed and maintained timber floor will last for several decades. You can check for the life expectancy of different timber species to choose the best one for your home as per your needs and lifestyle.

Can I repair the damage to my timber floor?
Yes, you can repair any damage to your hardwood flooring. In some cases, you may need to replace it if needed. A flooring professional may be able to help you after thoroughly assessing your floor.

Do I need an underlay for hardwood floors?
Raw wooden floorboards do not require an underlay, but it is a must for floating floors. It gives the floating floors better support, stability, and insulation. Moreover, underlayment floating floors such as vinyl floors are best for wet areas.

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