timber floor repairs sydney

Yes, Yes and Yes! You can repair solid timber floors. Timber floor damages like scratches, dents, gouges, gaps, cupping, stains, cracks, and moisture damage can all be repaired and restored to their original condition with a professional floor sanding and polishing service.

It’s no doubt that timber floors, like other floorings, are prone to damage. Over time, the timber flooring finishes start wearing off, leaving timber floors vulnerable to permanent damage. It is unsightly when stains, scratches and other damages leave a permanent mark on your timber floors. But don’t worry! Floor sanding and polishing can help remove all the unsightly damage and give your timber floors a brand-new look again.

Floor Sanding and Polishing

Timber flooring professionals repair timber floors by sanding and polishing them. Timber floor sanding can remove anything from mild imperfections to severe damage like colour imperfections and fading from sun exposure.

Sanding removes the top layer, precisely the damaged layer of timber floors and exposes the fresh wood underneath. Sanding smooths out the surface and also helps fix any unevenness from a poor timber floor installation. Besides that, timber floor damages like cupping, buckling, or crowning from water exposure require more attention and deliberate sanding to level out the surface. If the flooring professionals suspect a water leakage, they remove the affected wooden planks to find the underlying issue.

Depending upon the level of damage, floor sanding professionals can also buff your floors. Buffing removes mild scratches and blemishes from the flooring finish without touching the timber layer. Hence it creates a beautiful lustre on your floorings immediately.

Floor Sanding and Polishing Process

Floor sanding professionals inspect the floors thoroughly and prep them before they start sanding. After sanding, they finish the floor by treating it with specialised timber floor finishes for enhanced durability and a longer life span.

Choosing the right timber floor finish can be an overwhelming process. There are many timber floor finishes: water-based polyurethanes and oil-based polyurethanes to oils and waxes. They are also available in various sheen levels: gloss, matte and satin finishes. Each of these finishes protects and gives a distinct look to timber floors. Based on your personal style and interior decor, floor sanding and polishing professionals can help you choose the right floor finish that looks both stunning and offers superior protection in the long run.

Solid Timber Floor Repairs and Restoration

Sometimes timber floor damages are just more than what can be fixed by sanding. For instance, holes, cracks, and rotten planks need replacements. Occasionally, floor sanding professionals may also fill minimal holes and cracks in timber floors if they don’t pose any serious threat to the appearance and longevity of the floorings. They fill cracks with quality materials such as wood filers, glue, super glue, or putty. Then they may sand and finish the floor with a protective finish.

Only professional floor sanding and polishing services have the skills and experience to repair any sort of timber floor damage. They have the right kind of machinery and tools and know which is perfect for repairing particular timber flooring damage.

Need our help? At Stanton Flooring, our team can repair and even replace broken or worn-out timber planks with new ones that look exactly the same as the rest of the flooring. We can also stain the repaired wooden plank to match the wooden colour. No matter how bad your timber floor looks, our team can renew them and make them look gorgeous in no time.

Reach out to our Sydney floor sanding and polishing team for professional timber floor repairs, replacements, and maintenance requirements. We provide the best damaged wooden repair and polishing service in Sydney at affordable prices.