Timber floors are no doubt the most aesthetically pleasing feature of any house. They are unquestionably sustainable and durable, lasting for decades. Timber floors require very little maintenance compared to other floors.

However, timber floors are prone to certain damages despite your best effort in cleaning and maintaining them. They will start to look dull and worn out with marks here and there over a long period of time. So, they may need some maintenance. But with proper techniques and equipment, your timber floors can be revived in no time.

Possible Damages to Timber Flooring

Your furniture, high heels, kids and especially pets can lead to too much daily wear and tear. But one of the most attractive features of timber floors is you do not have to opt for new floors as you can repair them at a competitive price. Scratches, dings, dents, pet stains, chipping, sun exposure and cracks are some of the most common damages occurring in timber floors.

Timber Floor Restoration

Timber floor restoration does not mean replacing the damaged floorboards with new flooring. Instead, the restoration process involves refurbishing your existing floors, giving them the same lustre back from when they were installed. In other words, you can give your favourite timber floors their original look and shine by calling the professionals like Stanton Flooring in Sydney for floor sanding and polishing.

Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing

Timber floor sanding and polishing is the best technique to bring back your worn-out wooden floors to life. You can get rid of all the scratches, dents and pet stains and restore them with timber floor sanding.  You can also give back their sparkle by polishing them. Additionally, you can also play with colours if you are bored of your floors and want a new look.

Removing the Damage

Your floors can look brand new with timber floor sanding and polishing. Scratches, stains, and dents are the main culprits in making your flooring look dull and worn out. All these damages can be removed by timber floor sanding. The first step in repairing any damage to your floors is by removing them.

Floor sanding will erase the scratches and other damages by removing the top layer of the floor. It requires a floor sanding machine. A professional team in Sydney will have the skills to finish the floor sanding process evenly without any blemishes staying behind.

Sometimes your floors also need repairing due to cracked or squeaky floorboards. It takes an expert to remove any splinter or fix a gap in the floorboards.  Also, safety measurements are indispensable for the timber floor sanding and polishing process. Hiring a professional assures your safety and also the quality of timber floor sanding.

Tinting and Staining

Staining enhances the look of your house. They deeply penetrate the timber floorboards. Staining accentuates the natural beauty of the grains and patterns of your floor. So staining is the best option if you are into rustic, classic or modern styles.

Tinting is the superficial coat and finishes to your flooring by mixing stains in varnish. However, it does not give a rich look like staining. So tinting is the easiest way to colour your floors. You can refinish your flooring by using polyurethane, oil-based or water-based coating.

Hiring a professional helps you polish your timber floors without any blemishes and patches, thus giving the perfect sparkly finish. Timber flooring experts also help you in choosing the best stains and finishes on your flooring.


With 30 years of experience at Stanton Flooring, we have the best team of experts who are well versed in floor sanding and polishing in Sydney. So, if you are looking to repair or refinish your timber floors, call our expert team!