Flooring Polishing & Sanding Sydney

Timber floors are an elegant lifetime investment. However, you have to maintain them to make them look fresh and pristine. Taking regular care of timber floors will keep their natural beauty and shine intact for several years. Apart from cleaning and dusting, you will also need professional assistance in keeping your floors spotless and durable. Here’s a complete guide to help you maintain your timber floorboards for generations.

Daily Care and Maintenance

Dust, dirt, and grit can scratch and wear off the wooden flooring, making them look faded. So, for healthy and long-lasting timber flooring, you need to follow certain do’s and don’ts.


  1. Always use a soft-bristled broom or dry vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning and dusting. Also, make sure to check the vacuum head periodically to avoid damages.
  2. Use felt pads under all furniture to minimise the wear and tear caused by them.
  3. Use rugs or mats at the entrance and areas with high foot traffic.
  4. You can utilise blinds and sheer curtains to avoid direct sunlight hitting your wooden flooring.


  1. Do not try cleaning or mopping with excess water.
  2. Never use wet steaming as moisture could easily penetrate the gaps between the floorboards.
  3. Don’t attempt to vacuum clean with a power rotary brush head, as they can damage the finish of your flooring.
  4. Avoid wearing high heels as they will create more wear and tear on the surface of the wood finish (especially with high gloss finishes).

Use Professional Timber Floor Cleaning Products

Regular cleaning does not mean you can use any traditional cleaning product that is handy. Liquid cleaners, detergents and some oil-based soaps can cause permanent damage to the flooring. They can strip off the coating and may also cause discolouration. Also, never get tempted to try vinegar or baking soda to remove a stain.


Different timber flooring reacts differently to certain cleaning products, depending upon their finish. Again, excess water cleaning is a big no for wooden flooring. It is always best to consult a professional flooring expert to identify the right floor cleaning products that suit your wooden flooring.

The Impact Of Climate

Wooden floorboards are delicate and vulnerable to temperature and humidity. Both too much moisture and dry conditions can take a toll on wooden flooring. Technically, relative humidity plays a huge role in maintaining your wooden floors for years. So, it’s vital to understand your surrounding environment to decide on the best wooden flooring and finishes that suit your climatic pattern. And for that, you will need professional help.


Firstly, let’s talk about moisture. Do not ever flood your timber flooring, as water is the worst enemy, causing permanent damage. More humid air can also eventually warp your flooring.

Wood is hygroscopic, meaning they have tiny pores that can absorb water and moisture in the air. Eventually, the floorboards begin to expand, resulting in cupping, crowning, and buckling. The unnoticed wet flooring can also decay over time, giving you no other choice than to replace them.


Secondly, low humidity and dry air can cause permanent shrinkage. It further leads to cracks, gaps and splintering of your wooden flooring. Using humidifiers can help add moisture to the interior air.

Refinish Whenever in Need

Tired and worn-out flooring can significantly affect the ambience of your home. But with floorboard sanding and polishing, you can revive your timber floors to a brand-new look. Floor polishing and sanding allows you to address severe damages such as dents, scratches, and cracks. With professional help, you can have your floors sanded and polished and looking their best in no time.


With 30 years of experience, our Stanton Flooring experts can assist you in maintaining timber floors that last for years. Contact us now for more details on floor sanding and polishing services in Sydney.