Timber floor polishing and sanding Sydney

Timber flooring is one of the more popular floorings, famous across all ages. High-quality timber flooring is durable and tougher than other types of flooring, not to mention aesthetically pleasing.

Every season brings a new issue to the upkeep of hardwood floors. For example, winter brings leaves, dirt, and rain. Despite that, hardwood flooring is just too stunning to skip. With proper upkeep and maintenance, timber flooring can be an asset that lasts for decades to come.

Each timber flooring is different in terms of the wood and wear and tear it faces. And that’s precisely why the maintenance also varies. So, here’s what you need to know about cleaning timber floorboards so that you do not damage the finish.

Clean Spills Instantly

Use a damp cloth to wipe and clean the spills immediately. This is because moisture (both on it and in the air) can cause the wood to swell and shrink.

Hence it is crucial that you keep the dampness down to a minimum. Otherwise it may result in splitting, cupping, or gaps in the wood.

Sweep Daily

Timber floors need regular sweeping to prevent the dust and grime from getting in the floors. They can settle in the grain and in between the floorboards. If you have pets that shed, sweeping also helps remove the animal fibre.

Vacuum Weekly

Follow the sweeping with a vacuum every week. It helps remove the dust that you missed in your regular cleaning. It also pulls up the debris that’s caught in the crevices and between the floorboards. Ensure that you choose the hardwood setting to prevent the brush roll and beater bar from scratching the floor.

Use of Professional Floor Cleaning Products

Ensure that you use the right cleaning products to clean your timber floors. Different finishes require different floor cleaning products. Hence you may want to enquire with our expert from Stanton flooring before choosing one.

Just to be safe, do not use any harsh chemicals on your timber floor. The substances can create buildup and spoil the look of your floor. When using new products, always do a patch test on a small hidden area. This is to ensure that the floor cleaner is compatible with your flooring.

Use Furniture Pads

Scratches are inevitable in timber flooring. They can be a real problem and give a dull look to your floor. While you cannot prevent all scratches, you can take measures to prevent new scratches. For example, add furniture pads to the legs of your chairs, sofas, tables and other furniture to prevent the legs from scratching the timber floors.

Regular Maintenance

Timber floors take more than a bit of effort to maintain. It may be little things like:

  • Use floor mats by the front and back doors.
  • Not using shoes inside the home.
  • Using protective pads to furniture legs
  • Cleaning spills
  • Avoid dragging furniture
  • Replace vacuum heads

Floorboard Sanding and Polishing

Floor sanding and polishing Sydney is essential to maintain its flawless look. The process removes scratches and discolouration, if any. As a result, your floor will once again have that tip-top look and be the asset it once was. In addition, the process is way less time-consuming and requires much less time and money than reinstalling your floors.